Marcos Park, Carmen, Agusan del Norte

The slogan read ‘WOW Carmen’ along the highway in the farthest town of Agusan del Norte before seizing one of the tallest mountains in Caraga, Marcos Park in the town of Carmen.  The ‘WOW Philippines’ slogan of the previous administration to lure visitors coming in from different parts of the country and even foreign visitors beginning to stick the beauty of the Philippines but here comes…It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Carmen was one of the ten town of Agusan del Norte in which the eleventh town Cabadbaran was newly-installed city in the province.

Carmen was blessed with natures.  Aside from scenic jade waters in the coastlines and coral reefs like witnessing Bolihon Beach Resort, it has mountainous landscape that brought the feast sweet mango scattered in the terrain and called as ‘Mango Country’ wherever you are in the province.  And here the escape route to the tallest peak called Marcos Park is the boundary between Agusan del Norte and Misamis Oriental.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Dreaming the highest peak is just a wildest dream craving the heart of an adventurer.  Someone cannot resist whatever place in the planet is a witness of the whole world under the feet.  The world is the most beautiful place to live.  Peoples are getting the vision for the highest peak in the world reaching the coldest and tense pressure of the Himalayan Region the Mt. Everest summit which were conquered now by many Filipinos.

Everyone has a dream of reaching the tallest mountains like the inspiration I have for dying of dreaming the tallest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo in Davao.  Remembering the tallest in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu which was the hot item for mountain lovers and climbers visited from different countries of the world located in Sabah, Malaysia.

If there was no mistake in the history, Philippines owns this gift of nature Mount Kinabalu.  Since Sabah during the pre-Spanish time owned by Philippines as part of Sultanate of Sulu.  But when Spain started colonizing the Philippines from top to bottom it was excluding Sabah which then colonized by British Empire as part of the whole state of Malaysia.  I bet legislators should not drop the claim of Sabah. Well, some pieces of history started to explode in one’s mind.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Explore The Top Of Carmen

Picking-up to capture the highest peak in Carmen was just an easy task.  Taking bus from Butuan City for one-hour plus and drop in the boundary lane, and you are done.  Take a walk from the highway without losing the strength, and even losing a parcel of energy, it will recharge when reaching the top.   That is the wonder of nature actually.   Many of the mountain climbers are struggling behind but manage to moves forward before embracing the glory of natures that new found feelings started to emerge eternally.

The rest house set the eyes as standing at the highest peak alone and this structure can be seen when the bus started climbing the mountains lair.   The route to Marcos Park was just a curve of streets behind a steepest hill while started to emerge a vast ocean underneath.  Estimating the entrance of Marcos Park is at the middle of the boundary lane between the two provinces.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Started walking a sand and gravel road in hundred meters distance after dropping the entrance.   The moment is deep quiet when taking the steps forward to the top and heard only the cracking of the leaves and the swaying of some branches of trees along the side when winds passes by.  The mountains are the end products of the winds blowing from the sea.  The whole world makes some commotion when winds strangled trees and grasses likes dancing fields in the terrain.

Not seeing anyone standing in the distance, seems walking slowly in a no man’s land.  The path was covered with wall of land and grassy area in the left side putting thrill of the hidden world under as moves forward to the park.  There was no ocean in sights, no mountains, no troops of trees in the distance yet, the world under still hiding like thieves.  The  travels are in the peak of emotion impatient to uncover the beauty that the world has shown at the top.

Sunlight beams in green mountains that reflect the clear blue sky.  Going into Marcos Park was a perfect day for first time visits eager to reach those elevated portion of the planet.  This mountain I stand was little bit extra ordinary and the windy afternoon started embracing chest and refreshing the lungs from the clogged urban life.

The road seems overruled by growing grasses along the side not yet cut or trimmed.  This is how natures measured its creation.  The growing grasses added tone the beauty of natures swayed by the wind blows like an army bowing when someone passes their path.  This place was a replica of Himalayan Region when monks preserve the natural world surrounds them living most quiet places on earth where trees and flower blooms, and peoples blend with natures.

Mountain shows extra ordinarily as started gaining confidence of eternity when moves closer to the rest house.  When making a turn to the right, the hidden world below started to emerge like a boom.   Then come the vast ocean which called Butuan Bay emerging in a distance.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

The art of creation cannot be measured in single phase.  This piece of earth and heaven is started to exist not just in dreams but in reality started to occupy one’s soul in pink of health.  A moment owning the real treasure in life is within reach.  It will be there forever and became part of memory as time goes in the history.

This place was made for soul-searching and pass the world for those who are heavily laden that living in urban life.  The image of tranquility conquered the soul like flash of light then started meditating. Visiting Marcos Park was a healing process when human and Mother Nature starts communicating to regain strength and peace of mind.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

A glance of the structure at the close distance became a symbol when making a turn in another direction.   Reaching the tallest peak where stands a structure of Chinese temple look-a-like design I guess it could be fit for those who want to make peace and meditate, or for those who want to make romantic moments when sunset began to descend the western part of the province.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Stand still and stunned those never ending horizon, bodies of calm blue water, trooping mountain ranges in a distance, big trees became small trees, and the green environment bonus includes the island of Camiguin. And the magical world at the top revitalized oneself as young and healthy dwellers in this planet, and problems seize away like magic.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Wonderful feeling that no one can borrow and steal and change every creature from those wonderful creations.  Go back the traditional way of living and eternal happiness somewhat clearing the hearts and minds for those living in stress and pain of life.  Living in a society where man-made creations are the majority and influences the whole generations the treats of modern living.

At last the world of Marcos Park came embracing for someone dreaming the highest peak in Carmen. The moment of exploration began and seize before the eyes the beautiful world that surrounds never been before seen the young years of life.  The eyes of adventurer truly a window of the soul capturing the beauty of Mother Nature below.

But living in Caraga Region making aid to those man-made activities because the hidden gift started to emerge like a healing process.  Here, at the top in Carmen town called Marcos Park is another world making sights and sounds for those adventurers out there who want to make or break, and moves life forward.

Wife stole the show.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Two creatures against sunlight.

marcos park, carmen, agusan del norte

Amontay Beach Resort, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte

This could be my second post of Amontay Beach Resort in which my first post was visited by lots of internet viewers making a click from their mouse to search beautiful beach resorts in Agusan del Norte. Now I’m getting back making a post to express my admiration to this place since the time when I visited Amontay Beach Resort.

If you want to see paradise even if you are here on earth, Amontay Beach Resort will make you experience how it feels to be in heaven through their one-of-a-kind amenities and captivating views, making it one of the top Caraga tourist spots that is being visited by local and foreign visitors over and over again.

amontay beach resort

A first class beach resort with first class hotel amenities, Amontay Beach Resort is situated in Nasipit, a coastal town in Agusan del Norte. This beach resort has given Caraga a great impact and the residents and tourists even dub the place as something that is “almost paradise.”

Shaded soothingly by several coconut trees that stand proudly on their roots, the place gives its visitors a kind of tranquility that you can rarely find in other beach resorts around the area.

amontay beach resort

The moment you enter the resort, you will be warmly welcomed with amenities that suit five star hotels. Their rows of one storey bungalows have never failed to captivate the eyes of many tourists and locals alike.

amontay beach resort

And if you think that the beach in Amontay Beach Resort is just like other beaches you can find here in Caraga, well, you are wrong because the scenery from this beach resort cannot be surpassed by others, making it unique and beautiful all in its own way. Amontay Beach Resort will make you feel like you are not in Agusan del Norte, Caraga Region but in Indonesia, thanks to its one land of cottages inspired by Bali which are all made from indigenous materials. All these cottages are made big enough so you can comfortably doze off without any worries of falling to the ground.

amontay beach resortYou can also enjoy the vast expanse of the clear blue skies as it meets the deep blue waters of the sea in the distance calling the eyes of adventurers to witness how Mother Nature keep the lovely place in time.

In the morning, nothing will surely beat the scenic view of the sunrise to greet you upon waking up in this amazing place of Amontay Beach Resort. If the sun gets too hot in the morning, there is no need for you to worry because the talisay trees in the resort will give you the freshness and shade that you need.

Delight in the cool wind that blows and embraces your body and feel the waves smash on your feet pleasantly while you walk down the shoreline. Going westward crossing a small river, you will meet rock formations and amaze in the far end that trees live in the water.

amontay beach resortAnd when the sun starts to settle on its place in the afternoon, you will definitely enjoy lounging in the chairs as you watch the shoreline being basked in the orange glow of the setting sun. Turning the place into panoramic view for lovers who want to settle for another world of fun and pleasure.

amontay beach resortTruly, Amontay Beach Resort is something that will let you experience a lot of amazing things that you have never thought possible to exist right here on earth. From the exceptional and breathtaking views to the first class amenities and facilities offered, it will surely not be a big surprise if someday, the place will not just be known as one of Caraga tourist spots but also one of the must-see and must-visit places of the world.

Bolihon Beach Resort, Carmen, Agusan del Norte – Coral infested Caraga beach resort

I have not been to many beach resorts in Caraga like the Bolihon Beach Resort. But Caraga has its best beach resorts in the making either nature or man-made beach resorts. But I love the way when you are surrounded with natures. Like the one I have never been, the Bolihon Beach Resort.

I did not expect the plan will push through since it is a Father’s Day celebrations. The world knows the importance of fatherhood especially when a family depends on a father handling them. When a family lost him it is something will makes family incomplete. A father used to be the pillar of the house, without the pillar it can be easily manage to fall down as the saying goes.

So much for little children to take care, and sometimes you lost your time having the pleasure of life. You have to take life differently, and as a father of two little daughters fatherhood should be taken lightly when it comes to illnesses and financial status. As one friend says we should be strong for our children to live. If you have taken it seriously, fatherhood makes you unhappy and has no meaning. At the end makes you a sick creature. The only way is to get away from it. Free from the bondage of fatherhood. At least for a while. And jump to Bolihon Beach Resort feels the healing process of natures.

I did not expect coming to Bolihon Beach Resort in the town of Carmen, province of Agusan del Norte alone with my wife. No children at all. Celebrating Father’s Day celebrations without them is as easy as 1-2-3. Nothing can disturb your Caraga travel when visiting best beach resorts. But my wife says celebration is not complete without them. She missed them.

bolihon beach resort, carmen, agusan del norte

Heading To Bolihon Beach Resort

We got up early morning and heading with my wife in a bus terminal which is closer to our residence. We prepared the medicine kit probably the used of antacids to helps us fight the chilling effects of travelling like vomiting. Going to Bolihon Beach Resort was almost two hours ride from Butuan City. From the town proper in Carmen, we proceeded riding single motor or better known as in the local ‘habal-habal’ for one kilometer distance from the highway in going to Bolihon Beach Resort.

I remember my college days twenty years ago, I have been beach hopping in Carmen together with my classmates. We went as far as going to the north along the coastlines until we reach Kahayagan. When passing different beach resorts, we spotted the content of the sands because it was infested with small fragments of white corals scattered in the beach, almost covered the beach.

The beach turns into a white line as you look in the distance like the white sand beach in the different beaches of General Luna. Carmen coast lines amazed me how it became corals infested beach line. Deposited corals wash up in shorelines maybe for a thousand years to build that has become Carmen the trademark for corals world. Carmen beach is one of the top diving sites in Caraga Region because of beautiful reef underneath the seas. This makes a unique representation of most beaches in Carmen different from other beaches in Caraga Region.

Bolihon Beach Resort And The Corals

My first step in getting inside of Bolihon Beach Resort was to find a cottage. And we rested there for a while. The cottage we rented worth 100 pesos and it’s wide for the two of us. The travel was somewhat exhausted, and when I saw the beach and the sea breeze, its magic! Totally cools you off and don’t underestimate the natures surrounds while in front of the blue sea, kissing horizon and mountains against from the tirade of stress travel.

I notice the corals infested sands, and they are white cute stone-alike that come into different shapes and sizes invading the shoreline. Walking along the beach, scattered anywhere added milking white the whole beach scene. I could not stop myself to investigate. Going into the streamline how they have come and pulling one by one straight into my finger. I remember them collected and mixed into the floor in the aquarium of my parent’s home where colourful fishes joined them in a natural ecosystem.

bolihon beach resort, carmen, agusan del norte

If you ask how they came and how old each one. I’m guessing that they simply washed out to shore through time as environment change by force or through erosion process or maybe a large quake that devastated the earth that drawn tsunami to the world. If that’s the case, these groups of corals are thousand years of age. They came in this place before Magellan discovered Butuan and the Philippines.

I am lucky enough touching them in my bare hands. If I have time collecting them one by one it’s an entertaining thing to do. But that could be an immoral thing to do. Touching them and putting them in a place where they came from. You have done what nature should suppose to do. Corals live in the sea, and they are there putting harmony in the sands and the sea.

Little Bay of Caraga

Bolihon Beach Resort was a hidden beach actually. We have climbed the mountain and turned right we go down to a still ongoing constructed muddy road dissecting the mountain to give way for beachgoers. Without this road, the path to Bolihon Beach Resort could be difficult to reach. But someone has the spirit to find real treasure in life you have to move on and see how God created masterfully in His hand the art of nature by crossing the hardships and difficulties. Imagine the mountain at top and below the white curve line seeing the little bay of Caraga. If you witness the giant bays like Butuan and Bislig, well you can picture the cute little curve in a distance. Walking from the tip to other tip of a curve and you are done.

bolihon beach resort, carmen, agusan del norte

Standing at the center of the curve or at the center of the beach, the right end was actually mountain of rocks while the other ends were group of mangroves floating in the sea. Mangroves and rock mountains opposite each other in a white shoreline are good combination of paradise resort.

In my entire life I have not seen group of natures created in one setting unless the sunrise and sunset in a distance drops from the rooster of beautiful spots. It will make the whole setting vague. I mean in the world of beautiful beach resorts, factors affecting the beauty you have to include the shining sun that adds radiant to the beach.

bolihon beach resort, carmen, agusan del norte

Walking the shoreline with your bare feet was smooth but you can feel some corals are sharp. But corals could be tolerable when pressed against while walking because they are there seasoned to become smooth like the sands. It’s a fun thing to do. You will never regret doing this in the beach but not in your home.

Rock Formations

In the far end of the beach along the right is a mountain of rocks. It looks like the steepest hill calling the eye of adventurers. I remember the website I visited many times when I looked the blog post of Palawan Underground River. The mountains en route to underground river resembles the mountain of rocks. Wow! We have our own Palawan adventure in Caraga Region minus the underground river.

Those mountains of rocks added attractions. Most visitors want to explore the far end where rock formations and cave exists. But sad to say when high tide began our extra ordinary visits cut shorts because the sea level started to gobble up the ground. All you have to do is go back to the beach line and witness how nature changes in time.

bolihon beach resort, carmen, agusan del norte

Trees Live In The Water

One thing amazes me when visited Bolihon Beach Resort is the presence of trees that live in the salt seas. I live in Butuan City of my entire life since at birth and witness how trees grown in the urban communities and in the remote barangays. I love trees in the mountainous terrain in Agusan Valley or in the deepest forest in Caraga. The trees in the city help me cool off from too much heat of the sun and trees are part of ecosystem. But I did not imagine trees live in water much more in the salty world of Butuan Bay. I was shocked witnessing them in another world adapting to that level of environment.

bolihon beach resort, carmen, agusan del norte

Here in the left end of the curve was an army of trees. But if you want to explore the beach far from it even the boundary of Caraga Region and Northern Mindanao Region witness them scattered along Carmen beach and even the coastlines towards Nasipit like what I discover in Amontay Beach Resort.

Adventure will never end here. I am fortunate because I live in Caraga.

Amontay Beach Resort – caraga has almost paradise

Travel in a place that is located at the tip of the world and feel the sights and sounds of nature. That was the theme when you are in unique places you have never been. Feel the smashing of the waves and the wind blows embrace your body while tripping the horizon beyond your eyes can see. Amontay Beach Resort found in the town of Nasipit, Agusan del Norte has the impact in which Caraga has discovered – they called this place almost paradise.

amontay beach resort

Almost paradise is not just a phrase of beauty. But the thing is just closer to the world when Adam and Eve became the first couple to live in the planet. Sound quiet and peace within closer to the art of God. I believe when you live in a paradise the healing process is part of it. Get out from the stress of life and move forward to a place that will gave us strength and happiness.

amontay beach resort

First Class Amenities

At the entrance, the resort has hotel-like amenities one-storey bungalow type stretching across the distance. On the other side, another facilities sprouting as it expands opposite the shoreline. When years go by, management growth of the resort will predicts drawing international tourists, and will be having fierce competitions with its neighbour – the Duka Bay Resort.

amontay beach resort

amontay beach resort

amontay beach resort

I thought the beach was just scenery I have always seen from different beaches in Caraga but it has a beauty of its own way. Those Bali-inspired cottages piled up in one straight lane were made of indigenous materials wide enough to fall yourself in a slumber of sleep. Or take a glance in a horizon when sky and deep blue sea meet in a distance. Chat your friend while sitting the chairs and see the shoreline as the sun began to set down. There were lots of Talisay trees in the background to shade us from scorching heat of the sun even though summer started to bid goodbye.

amontay beach resort

Sprawling Paradise

Amontay Beach Resort was part of the Butuan Bay in which the bay expanding from the tip of Carmen town of Agusan del Norte up to the western part of Surigao del Norte. The coastal areas along the bay have many unique places to discover. And this specific area has been an exciting place to travel when coming in from a busy city life. In the near distance from the beach while moving forward walking the shoreline I smell paradise – not anymore almost paradise.

amontay beach resort

amontay beach resort

When low tide started to come in my adventure to Amontay started in crossing a small river. Exploring the other side of the beach that was unfamiliar, like exploring the other side of the world with your senses. In front as I draw nearer were green mountains. Down the mountains were different rocks formation unfolds across the shoreline stretching for miles. Walking in a strange place but this turns out an exciting place for soul searching activities. You can make your resting place under the shade of the coconut trees while snatching the natures surrounds you.

amontay beach resort

amontay beach resort

In having a trip for almost a miles, you can see trees growing up in the salt seas. You have marvelled how these trees survive when its roots and trunks submerge for years. They have grown like mature trees in the upland. Chirping birds make their resting place. I believe these trees can make shelter for fishes below against from too much sun’s heat.

amontay beach resort

Endless Shoreline

Another mile in the distance, another rock formations, and trees under water with foot in the mountain side by side with the shorelines, never ending blue horizon with clouds formation, smashing of the waves, and calm sea breeze are all yours like a never ending journey in a place called Amontay Beach Resort.

I journeyed like in a no man’s land. The place was so quiet, and even you can meditate immediately. This is how natures make the healing process. You have found yourself envelope by natures and natures renewed yourself like a mighty one.

At Sunset In The Beach

Witness how the sun started to fade in the distance as it sheltered in the mountains. The endless fun begins because another world started to unfold and that is the mellow dramatic background of the sun. The sun rays mirrored in the ocean and embraced the ground like a sweet eternity for lovers. How romantic for them to grab this opportunity. Not just for lovers but for a poet who humbly express his feelings, friends talking each other for business or personal matter, or just simply lure you for an exciting world of sunsets.

amontay beach resort

You can reach Amontay Beach Resort for 1 hour from Butuan City by bus.

Agusan del Norte – amazing adventures!

“Human and nature…making amazing adventures.”

Agusan del Norte is one of the five province of Caraga Region (others are Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, and the newly created province – Dinagat Island, which was part of Surigao del Norte before). It is bounded on the north by Butuan Bay and Surigao del Norte, on the east by Surigao del Sur, on the south by Agusan del Sur, and on the west by Misamis Oriental. One of the country’s leading producer of rice for being dominantly agricultural province.

libas cave, agusan del nortescuba diving, carmen, agusan del norte

The province has 11 towns and they are Buenavista, Cabadbaran, Carmen, Jabonga, Kitcharao, Las Nieves, Magallanes, Nasipit, Remedios T. Romualdez, Santiago and Tubay. Recently, the town of Cabadbaran became a city. Butuan City located at the heart of the province became an independent city for being a highly-urbanized.

The name Agusan came from Malay word “agasan” which means “where water flows,” because of the province presence of mighty river that flows from Davao then to the two Agusan provinces – Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte, in which Butuan City is the exit point, and empties into Butuan Bay.

mainit lake, agusan del nortesumayajaw festival, jabonga, agusan del norte

Butuan City rich and colourful history reflects the past of the province. It has two municipal museums found in Magallanes and Cabadbaran where hundreds of artifacts dating as early as Sung, Yuan, and Ming Dynasty of China. Butuan City has its own museum, the Butuan National Museum.

cabadbaran museum, agusan del nortemainit surfing, lake mainit, agusan del norte

Agusan del Norte has outstanding tourist spot destinations aside from its colourful history. Its wonderful geographical settings and physical features of the province make it the best for adventurers out there.

caraga map

Different mountain ranges along its northeastern and western parts with flat rolling lands in between as it face the scenic Butuan Bay. When dropping by at the mountain top in the town of Carmen, you’ve got heaven and earth there meet in a one unique panoramic view gazing with those horizon in a blue sea and beautiful mountains at the back. Taking out the best person in you – as you move at the top!

santiago tubay ridge, agusan del nortemagpaso, santiago, agusan del norte

Mountain climbers, bikers, and trekkers can venture the lushful green forest, and can go unfamiliar jungle passages, thats make it as an exciting adventures. It has ten mountains to offer but for the highest was Mt. Hilong-hilong. If there are mountains, then waterfalls and springs co-exist. If you don’t mind……there are 7 beautiful springs and 18 waterfalls to lift up your spirit here!

tangon falls, kitcharao, agusan del nortebitaog tree, magallanes, agusan del norte

Aside from the scenic spots, the province has 42 underground and aboveground caves that are found in Carmen and 8 others found in other towns for you to discover unique places.

The province has identified 3 lakes, and one of which, Lake Mainit, is the 4th largest lake in the Philippines. The lake was surrounded with mountains, its scenic view was so amazing when I went to Jabonga. Peace and tranquility will reign when lake and mountains traverse in one setting. The lake offers best for fishing enthusiasts, wind surfing and leisure boating, and all water sports activities. We will not forget the Baoto Festival was held here in September.

lake mainit, agusan del nortetubay, agusan del norte

Fifteen rivers crisscrossing the province, unspoiled and clear running waters. If you want to say “hi” and say “goodbye,” but not here, because lovers tend to be sweeter each day when you look at the river.

Since the province faces Butuan Bay, it has 19 beautiful diving sites to offer from the sea lanes of Carmen going to Jabonga (Carmen – 12, Tubay – 1, and Jabonga – 6). Explore the beauty inside with 80 feet of visibility. Not yet mentioning the challenge of windsurfing here!

cahayagan reef, carmen, agusan del nortecahayagan reef, carmen, agusan del norte

Of course, part of it, the beautiful sunset along the fine sandy beaches, when feeling tired and strained, just go……and got the nerves to calm down, and feel refresh. Got another amazing adventure day!

cabadbaran, agusan del norte

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