Cagwait White Beach Resort, Cagwait, Surigao del Sur

Early morning at 5 sitting down in a quiet corner of the room after waking up from the alarm clock that set me up, reminded me of going to Cagwait White Beach Resort located in Cagwait town of Surigao del Sur province. It has been in the fourth day in Tandag City and the plan must push through before I bid goodbye Tandag City in the sixth day.

Tandag which was declared recently as one component city of Surigao del Sur was lucky enough to become a city which hounded some questionable eligibility from Supreme Court decisions. Until last February the decision was final with other new cities of Caraga Region, Bayugan City and Cabadbaran City.

I have to take the advantage because Tandag is much closer to Cagwait White Beach which will take half hour of travel compare to my origin place Butuan City which has almost three hours.

I have been dreaming Cagwait White Beach known as Boracay of Caraga. In my first post I was just a passerby witnessing a billboard for Kaliguan Festival for a quick moment of time then gone, then go back to my birthplace Butuan City, the center of Caraga Region.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

The windy morning greeted me as I move out from the door looking some chair at the center of the cafeteria I live. The morning was just quiet and no one else in sight making a move, not anything from the lighted streets leveled before my eyes.

Looking passed the street constructed in a mountain top while I am sitting at the rooftop of a three-story building. A unique parallel position between me and the street is enough like a closer world in the outside.

Sitting the chair in a quiet and still atmosphere, giving me some cool reminiscent after doing my job yesterday from those professional head teachers who want to learn more of computer programs. Some of them find it hard to communicate since they are getting old and hate the technical word of computer language. They spar the mouse in their hand like holding tight causing tired muscles clicking left and pressing hard. And maybe hearing the word mouse is not a joke because they believe it is a pest running in the corner of the house or ruining the crops in the backyards.

The cold wind started drifting my skin layer as I opened the glass in a table top to get a sachet of coffee. If someone witness something strange going at the top then it might kill me since a thief mission started before dawn. But they believe visitor started pulling up everything for his own mission.

Zipping a cup of coffee to fight against the cold wind is just a moment to get energize early morning before moving to bus terminal en route to Cagwait White Beach.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

Bus Terminal to Cagwait White Beach

Leaving the building I find my way of hundred stairs in climbing up to the street of Tandag. Walking through a terminal bus in a near distance never mind the dawn started to emerge in a cool and quiet morning. Meeting few structures along the streets with few people moving till up myself in terminal. Seems Tandag was just a baby hungry for development as the state of city hood begin for years.

Sitting in a rural bus was just typical setting where few passengers coming from different locations in going to some rural areas of the province. I notice young man carrying 30 brand new laptops sealed in package to be distributed in remote areas the farthest from Tandag with no fear of apprehension from would-be robbers along the way when sky still dark. When asked where to deliver he answered to Tagbina.

Deal business in a far-flung town that is surpassing seven more towns I guess before reaching Tagbina. Business is part of struggle from day to day when strangers coming in and out in the bus. He talks anyone he meet in the bus and telling them could be the cheapest laptops you can acquire if you have me but keeping an eye to his valuable assets.

This young man is set to become an entrepreneur for life if anything goes alright in his travel for the rest of his life.

Technology has gone so far that started in the Western World, and now the demands of thirty laptops went through in no time in the remote rural town of the province. Peoples seems addicted to the technology and they can acquire easily through cash on delivery or installment process.

The price of laptops nowadays goes in a downward trend since oversupply and competitive market becomes apparent, added measure was the invasion of mobile computing world like the rise of smartphones and tablets.

This young man promised everyone of having the advantage, and business became his recipe in life. I almost forgot where I have to go then someone shouting for Cagwait, till that moment I consumed 30 minutes or more, when I move out from the bus I am already in the center town of Cagwait.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

Embracing Boracay Of Caraga

Along the highway, there was an adjacent road in going to Cagwait White Beach Resort and you have to wait for single motor called ‘habal habal’ in local community to carry you to the beach. Since still 6 in the morning, wrap up myself alone do the walking for hundreds of meters till I drop in a distance and my forehead badly sweating.

I think I have a bad estimate when someone told me you can reach Cagwait White Beach Resort by walking. I guess it was just kilometers away.

Single motor or ‘habal-habal’ at last came to the rescue and drop me at the entrance of Cagwait White Beach. Of course, seeing a vast land of white sands was an exciting tone and lifting the spirit for those first timers wants to make historic visit in the ‘Unseen Paradise’. The white line curving in a distance paints a warm impression. Sunrise began spreading its rays that merge in the ocean and sands putting glowing effects in Mother Nature.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

Skies were clear and the weather was perfect for just visitor and incoming visitors of the day. Exploring the scene of natures it is captivating to say what others telling when witness a horseshoe shape paradise resort facing the Pacific Ocean with clear blue water mixed of blinking crystal when rays started to elope with water that bounces the large waves in the shorelines.

High tide started to diminish as large waves contains the white sand beach like sometimes an angry mob in a friendly gestures. The sounds of the bouncing waves sometimes like a bomb, but if someone asked me how it did to my ears they are sweet like a gong of music spreading healthy tone inside the auditory nerve. They played like magic as the bluish clear water mixed in fine white sand leveled each other fighting in the shoreline.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

I walked a straight line tried to investigate how Cagwait White Beach became famous in the minds of the local. I have not seen anyone in the beachline except on the base of the curve in the far where three peoples never end their revelry embracing the white sand beach for life. In this moment I owned the beach alone drifting in a quiet pristine paradise.

This place became Boracay of Caraga but in an opposite rivalry since Boracay already a populous shorelines bumping each other shoulders either foreign or local tourists along the way. But here in Cagwait White Beach is like walking in a no man’s land, at least I met two fishermen along the way busy untangling the net with their few catches.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

It seems walking alone with my bare feet as I used to be, touching in the wilderness the cotton like sands which formed my feet across for miles. I have never felt exhausted and drained. Energy is continuing and soul is alive when heart engaging the distance of the sands. When looking back of what I accomplished I can’t believe of what I have done. Those falling sweats in the skin started influencing the healthy lifestyle in the sea.

At the end portion of the beach find my way of small rocks littered the sea. Sitting in one of the rocks find a resting place while looking back the baseline of the horseshoe shape paradise which becoming far away in the naked eyes. The white lines draw back the coastlines witnessing one end to the other end.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

The waves of the sea started splashing my feet, my mind striking back how many miles it takes in reaching the opposite end of the white curve. The paradise is too long to explore and losing the time embracing the whole beach.

I was impressed when mountains and coconut trees forming alliance of Mother Natures behind a pristine white beaches. But if you know how mountains behave when it has its own threatening formations like when giant crocodile submerge in the sea waiting for a victim in a moments of fun and adventures. In a tropical place like Caraga, mountains and landscapes forming like wild animals added attraction before the eyes.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

Digging More of Cagwait White Beach

Cagwait White Beach Resort became known before as Waikiki Beach in the Philippines when famous American pilot Charles Lindbergh witness the horseshoe formation while on plane likened in his hometown resort in Hawaii islands.

The discovery was just an accident when the purpose of coming in Caraga Region is for the wildlife campaign when the land in Cagwait mountainous area under concessions of logging industry turns out a sanctuary of Philippine eagles. Since then history became the tagline when Cagwait White Beach having a twin resort located in Hawaii Islands.

Peoples from different location of Caraga and Philippines started flocking to witness the celebrations of Kaliguan Festivals every June 24th of the year. Tribal dance takes pride wearing colourful ethnic dress in the middle of the celebrations with the beauties entrance vying for Perlas ng Kaliguan.

Kaliguan Festival started in 1996 that brought the tagline of Cagwait White Beach as the ‘Unseen Paradise’ but not anymore as far as neighboring towns of Surigao del Sur and the entire Caraga Region. In addition of road project completion from Butuan City in going to Tandag City, Cagwait White Beach pose a perfect conditions when escape from urban life.

cagwait white beach, cagwait, surigao del sur

Believing what you have seen the wonder of natures what to do is capture the sights and sounds that is lacking before the young years of life.


    • eve says

      hi po.ask ko lng po f maganda ba tlga yung cagwaut white beach?.hehehe..tnx..anu po yung mga list nga mga hotels en

      • Dandee J.F. Monton says

        maganda po ang cagwait kasi white beach siya at marami rin ang cottages or room accommodation for staying

        • Ginelyn Salita says

          Hi po..ask ko lang po kung paano papunta sa cagwait from Hinatuan? and ilang oras po byahe? lookong forward po sa reply nyo. Thanks and more power! I like your blog!:)

  1. barbiexiao says

    Hi gosh I didn’t know we even have this is caraga.. could you tell us more on how to go there from butuan.. I’m planning a vacation this year and I wanna bring my family to my home town.. last time I went home to bxu was way back 2009.. hoping to see more new places especially new found paradise beaches..

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      hi barbie, from butuan will take 2 to 3 hours to cagwait. but if you make a shortcut to cagwait through los arcos in prosperidad highway, i guess it will be 2 hours only. good luck!

  2. says

    hi! ask ko lang, kahit hinde kami mgpa reserve maaacommodate pa rin ba kmi? plan kasi nmain dis coming march 15. undecided pa kasi kng saan talaga, either sa cagwait or britania. mga 15 persons ang overnyt stay. please can u give me some info regarding the resorts…

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      sa cagwait marami ang resorts pwede na siguro kahit walang reservations. pero sa britania iisa lang ang alam ko na resort facing the islands ang la entrada resort. at saka ang kansilad resort na malapit sa britania. medyo malapit na ang summer siguro visited ito ng maraming turista. advice ki lang dapat may reservations.

  3. Ruelan says

    Meron po ba kayong resort na nasa mountain??? nasa mga bukid? mountain resort kun baga?., pakisagot po salamat

  4. Dandee J.F. Monton says

    yung sa nabisita namin almont beach resort sa lipata, surigao city overlooking the ocean. at saka yung kapehan view park, bucas grande islands overlooking the islands, oceans, mountains.

  5. chickay garcia says

    hello! i just wanna ask if you know some resort n pwedeng matulugan sa barobo?
    tnx alot!

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      wala pa po akong alam except kansilad resort na nasa lianga na magkalapit na bayan ng barobo.

  6. chickay garcia says

    at saka how far is tandag from barobo?any suggestion for a place that we should visit in surigao?or anyplace we should not missed when we go there this 21 of may?

  7. snooky cagalitan says

    hi po, how far from tandag to cagwait white sand po or sa may arasasan may uncle din po ksi ako dun but will stay in tandag for my vacation

  8. Dandee J.F. Monton says

    cagwait is half hour lang from tandag. pero mas malapit kung sa aras-asan kasi parte lang ito ng cagwait town

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      i cant give the details but there are resorts existing along the whole beach side siguro sa tingin ko mura yung iba.

  9. says

    This is great contribution to our tourism industry. We are planning to help LGU Cagwait thru Surigao del Sur State University – Cagwait Campus for a website to help facilitate tourist coming to Cagwait.
    Keep up!

    How are you related to Dr. Raul Monton of Butuan City.

  10. arvin cunanan says

    good day po, ask ko lang gaano po katagal byahe papuntang cagwait beach galing po ng mangagoy, bislig? maraming salamt po

  11. Mollie Adams says

    Hello Mr. Monton,
    Would like to spend my vacation in Cagwait Beach Resort. I’m coming from California. Please advise me on how to get to Cagwait from Manila, whether by plane , buses or any means of tansportation in the most convenient travel. Hope to hear from you and thank you for your help.

  12. Dandee J.F. Monton says

    yes by plane from manila to butuan, then from butuan taking bachelor bus from terminal and told the driver or his assistant to cagwait town

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      much closer is barobo and lianga town. in barobo is the beautiful cabgan and turtle islands, lianga where kansilad resort is located. britania islands in san agustin also is closer.

  13. neilly says

    thank you.. do we have to ride a boat to go to cabgan and turtle islands? :) i am assuming we have to since it is an island.. :).. is cabgan and turtle island the same? .. please do you have any contact info of the owner maybe of cabgan and turtle island and also kansilad resort? thank you again… really appreciate your reply.. and thank you in advance if you can give me contact numbers or emails of the owners.. but if none, that’s ok.. maybe some of my friends know these places too.. we are planning to have a reunion on December this year.

  14. neilly says

    thank you.. do we have to ride a boat to go to cabgan and turtle islands? i am assuming we have to since it is an island.. .. is cabgan and turtle island the same? .. please do you have any contact info of the owner maybe of cabgan and turtle island and also kansilad resort? thank you again… really appreciate your reply.. and thank you in advance if you can give me contact numbers or emails of the owners.. but if none, that’s ok.. maybe some of my friends know these places too.. we are planning to have a reunion on December this year.

  15. Dandee J.F. Monton says

    yes there are boats in going to cabgan and turtle islands, they are different islands like neighbor islands. as of this moment dont have contact number with them.

    kansilad resort try these numbers 0918-6561988, 0918-5826225,0917-6360090 / 0918-6561988

  16. neilly says

    thank you so much… do you have an idea how big is the Kansilad resort? we may not go to the islands because we have olds and they can’t stand the waves..:) also we are more than 100…:)

  17. Jane says

    Ask ko lang po.. ilang beach resort bah ang cagwait na pwedeng pasyalan? yong pinaka maganda na resort na talgang makaka wow ka sa ganda nga view? tnx po.

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      yung cagwait beach parang u-shaped beach at maluwang, sa gilid may mga cottages, kahit saang angle maganda po lalo na doon sa may dulo facing pacific ocean

  18. Neilly says

    Thank You Dandee.. Your infos are very helpful… Last question please… Do you think Kansilad resort can hold 100 adults? I am thinking that Kansilad is a very big place anyway.. Am I correct?… Blessings to you!

  19. Neilly says

    All the numbers can’t be contacted anymore.. I guess daghan pako pangutana.. Heheh.. Anyway, daghan ba resorts sa cagwait? Unsa imong ika recommend please na kanang dili kaayo mahal sab bali 100 ka adults pud then 1 night stay lang didto kay wedding and the same time reunion sa among family… Daghan kaayong salamat ha pag usab…:)

  20. Ella Saberon says

    Sir, can you give me contact # of at least 3 beach resorts in Cagwait that you can recommend that has different types of accommodations like good for 2 persons; good for family of 6 or dormitory type good for 10 people.

    I would highly appreciate your positive reply on this one.

    Thank you.

  21. stephen bewick says

    good afternoon how long will it take by car to cagwait beech ?

    My family and i am coming to butuan in december my wife,s family life in butuan, family name pedrogosa

  22. says

    Good day po kuya , pwd po bang manghingi po ng contact # diyan .. at tsaka po, gusto po naming mag pa reserve ng mga rooms kasi mag sleep over kami diyan .. pupunta po kami dyan nxt week sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng # para dirediretso na kami 😀 salamat ho

  23. Ginelyn Salita says

    Hi po..ask ko lang po kung paano papunta sa cagwait from Hinatuan? and ilang oras po byahe? looking forward po sa reply nyo. Thanks and more power! I like your blog!:)

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      cutting trip by bus from hinatuan to barobo terminal then bus or jeepney to cagwait for almost estimated 1 hour

  24. says

    Can you please post more about Cagwait? Say for example, about the livelihood of the people and more about them, in general..thanks…this would be a great help..

  25. Fel ann says

    hi good Day po Sir… Safe po itong cagwait beach,, kasi planning to be there end of dis month? at its my first time in d place…. thanks

  26. Pearl says

    Hi Sir.. From san francisco po,san po mas malapit daanan papuntang cagwait beach,is it in los arcos or in barobo?ur reply is highly appreciated.. tnx much.

  27. says

    Good day sir, pila ka beaches ang nasa kagwait? ug asa na beach imong ma recommend? we’re planning to have a ride this weekend and our destination is kagwait. nobody knows the place yet. we want to spend the night at the beach, is it safe?

    • Dandee J.F. Monton says

      cagwait is safe, and there are many beaches, i can recommend space bar. try to contact this number if still available 09203439000

      • jomagil says

        mayrun ba hotel dyn mismo sa cagwait white beach resort? pwede ko po ba malaman ung email add ng may ari ng hotel para sa maka pag inquire….sa food n accommodation ng hotel kung sakali. salamat po.

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